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What is the difference between a White Label Mobile CMS and a regular Mobile CMS reseller account?

White Label Mobile CMS

Our White Label Mobile CMS is a mobile website builder rebranded for your business.  Your company's corporate identity is replicated to ensure the continuity of your corporate brand.

With a White Label Mobile CMS you have complete administrative control of the platform.  Easily limit and restrict access to specific mobile sites or even set the limit of how many sites your client can create.

Our White Label Mobile CMS is a true white label solution meaning your clients or their webmaster can never know brick&mobile is powering your platform in the background.

Mobile CMS Reseller Account

When you sign up for a regular Mobile CMS plan such as our Starter, Growth or Pro plans you only get 1 user account.  

When you log in to create mobile sites you use the brick&mobile builder so your clients cannot log in and make their own changes.  The mobile sites you create with a Mobile CMS Reseller account are completely white labelled and can be resold to your clients.

Can my clients login to make their own changes? (do-it-yourself)


You have complete user access control with your own White Label Mobile CMS.  You can control/limit the amount of sites a client can create.  You can also restrict and segment which sites your clients have access to.

How many sites can I have on my White Label Mobile CMS platform?


You can create as many sites as you like with your own platform, as we create you your own dedicated mobile server which allows you to scale your business as large as you want.

Do I have to pay for new updates to the platform?


Our platform is constantly updated on a month to month basis.  Our technical team is always working on new features and enhancements which are automatically pushed down to your White Label Mobile CMS at no extra charge.

Can I make custom enhancements to my White Label Mobile CMS?


Our technical team can make custom features and enhancements for your White Label Mobile CMS.  Each project is quoted based on the scope and the estimated time it will take us to complete your project.

Is your platform secure?


Our rock solid cloud infrastructure ensures your platform and sites are always secure and available.  Each White Label Mobile CMS is secured with 256 bit SSL encryption to ensure maximum security of your White Label Mobile CMS.

Does it include all the themes and icons?


We pre-load your White Label Mobile CMS with 100 pre designed themes that you or your clients can use to easily build mobile sites with.

Can I have my White Label Mobile CMS translated?


We have the capability to translate our platform into any language you like.  Right to left is not a problem either.  Each mobile site created on your White Label Mobile CMS has built in regional settings allowing you to sell anywhere in the world!

Can I duplicate sites to make quick demos for my clients?


With our “Push Button” mobile site duplication tool you can easily create and duplicate templates in the matter of seconds.  Create your own library of templates that you can use to easily deploy “pre-made” mobile sites for your clients or resellers.

How many demos can I have live?


You can have unlimited amounts of demo sites that you can use to pitch potential clients.  You only pay for the sites that you actually sell, a TRUE pay as you grow model!

Do you offer White Label SMS (text message marketing) solutions?


Our White Label SMS platform is a separate product which can be added to your package.  Currently we have White Label SMS available in USA, Canada and UK.

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